Our CSR commitments: Respect, excellence and sustainability

At Sindu, we don’t just create works of art, we forge lasting links with our environment and our communities. Our commitment to CSR is at the heart of every decision we make, from the design to the manufacture of our products.

Respecting Our Planet

Nature is our muse, and we’re committed to protecting it. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact at every stage of our production process. Our silk squares and paintings aren’t just beautiful to look at, they’re also made in an environmentally friendly way.

Excellence and local know-how

Our products are made in France. The committed Sindu brand is woven from a network of local and national expertise. Our CSR commitment is also reflected in our dedication to excellence and local craftsmanship. Enhancing the value of gestures, handmade products and the transmission of know-how.

French know-how

Sindu silk squares are made in the Lyon region, where Lyon has been Europe’s silk capital since the Renaissance. The companies we work with are committed and agile, with people at the heart of their DNA. Companies on a human scale, flexible to market conditions. For the manufacture of silk articles, we choose partner companies with the EPV label of excellence, which means that we can preserve the know-how of several generations. Companies that perpetuate noble, environmentally-friendly know-how, while guaranteeing product traceability. As well as okeo-tex organic fabrics and fabrics woven in France. All stages, from silk printing to scarf finishing, are carried out in France and Italy. The roulottés, the finishing touches to the scarves, are handmade in France.

For canvas frames French-made linen frames and top-of-the-range frames. We chose a company that has been contributing to the excellence of wooden canvas stretcher manufacturing for over five decades, and that perpetuates the tradition of hand-gluing linen canvas, the noblest and most environmentally-friendly of all. Year after year, Sindu expands its local, national and global network. By supporting local artisans, we help preserve valuable skills and enrich our community.

Local know-how

Sindu’s choice is based on high-quality products and close collaboration with French partners with excellent know-how. The choice to work with local partners in Aix-en-Provence, Marseille or Martigues. Companies on a human scale, with invaluable workshops and know-how.

Quality product labels.

All our materials are certified with quality standards and labels. Silk is certified by the Œko-Tex Standard 100 label. The top-of-the-range wooden frames used for Sindu paintings are guaranteed FCS for sustainable forest management. By supporting local and national craft businesses, we help preserve rare and valuable skills and enrich our community.

A Brand at the Heart of CSR Commitments

Sindu is more than a brand, it’s a commitment. A commitment to beauty, authenticity, sustainability and respect for our planet. By choosing Sindu, you’re not just acquiring a unique product, you’re also contributing to a broader vision. A vision that values human connection, celebrates art and aspires to create harmony between man and his environment.

Let yourself be seduced by Sindu, a brand at the heart of CSR commitments, and become part of our journey towards a more sustainable and respectful future.

Sustainability and authenticity

Finally, by speaking to the senses, and sharing around a living sea, the Mediterranean, and a land rich in tradition, Provence, Sindu is committed to celebrating and raising awareness of the beauty and preservation of living things. Scarves made from mulberry silk, a noble and sustainable material that dates back thousands of years, by French companies. A return to craftsmanship, to time and slow rhythms for the planet, is being established with each new collection. Sindu’s choice is based on an ecological business model, with low stock levels. The company’s production capacity is synchronized with demand. We advocate authenticity, working in harmony with our environment and respecting our resources.

Each square of silk, each painting, Sindu is the fruit of this sustainable approach. Guaranteed to be of the finest quality, they can be enjoyed over time, and passed down from generation to generation,