Unique works steeped in the Mediterranean

Welcome to the world of our Sindu collections. Each creation is more than just a product; it’s a collection in its own right. Our silk squares and paintings each embody a vision, an emotion, a story. They reflect a variety of inspirations, all rooted in the very essence of the Mediterranean.

An Emotional Journey

Let yourself be seduced by the softness of our silk squares. Each piece is an invitation to an emotional journey. Their motifs offer a poetic interpretation of the Mediterranean, a subtle blend of azure skies, sparkling seas and lush vegetation. When you wear one of these silk squares, you’re not just adorning an accessory; you’re embracing a story, an emotion, a fragment of Sindu’s soul.

Reflecting Mediterranean Inspirations

Our paintings are declarations of love to the Mediterranean, capturing its charm and beauty in a singular, artistic way. Each piece is a collection in itself, telling a story of inspiration and passion. Shades of blue merge with the bright colors of the Mediterranean landscape to create a canvas that evokes the serenity and joie de vivre so characteristic of Provence.

The Essence of Our Collections

The Mediterranean is at the heart of our inspirations. It brings our silk squares to life, colors our pictures with its dazzling hues and imbues our creations with its warmth and light. Whether it’s the gentle sea breeze, the aroma of wild flowers or the incessant spectacle of waves on the shore, every facet of the Mediterranean is captured and transcribed in our collections.

The Sindu brand doesn’t just create objects; it shares an experience, an emotion, a fragment of the Mediterranean. Our ambition is to offer you much more than a simple silk square or painting: a work of art that touches your soul, connects you to the beauty and energy of the Mediterranean, and makes you part of our history.