Material and care


Our squares are made from natural mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is a natural fiber derived from the silkworm. Silk is a noble and distinctive material, renowned for its suppleness, elegance and softness.

Bring your square to life according to your desires, and keep in mind :

Silk is a delicate natural material that requires care to preserve its beauty over time.

Caring for your silk scarf:

Care tips to preserve the beauty of your Sindu silk square:

  • Cleaning : We recommend that you leave the cleaning of your saloon to a professional.
  • Storage: Fold your square and store it flat, away from light, preferably in a drawer.
  • Exposure: To preserve its colors, avoid exposing your square to direct sunlight for long periods.
  • Usage : Allow your carré to rest; avoid wearing it for several consecutive days.
  • Precautions: Be careful with make-up. Keep your square away from cats to prevent their claws from catching and damaging the silk. Don’t spray perfume directly on your wardrobe. Protect it from raindrops and chlorinated water.
  • Relaxing: To relax your square, fold it in half and hang it on a hanger.