A celebration of the Mediterranean, individuality and tailor-made solutions


For Sindu, art is a celebration of the particular and the unique.

It aims to capture not only images, but also emotions, moments and atmospheres.

Sindu creates works of art that are much more than mere aesthetic objects; they tell stories, evoke memories and bear witness to a specific place, person or moment.

Made-to-measure paintings

Sindu’s made-to-measure paintings are created from your inspirations, your favorite colors and your emotions, creating a happy encounter between you and the work of art.

From the first sketch to the final work, every step is carefully thought out to ensure that the artwork meets your expectations and brightens up your everyday life. A work that will continue to speak to you over time, bearing witness to precious moments and your incomparable personality. A light in space.

Made-to-measure scarves

Enhance your style with a unique creation that reflects your personality and history. Sindu’s bespoke pieces are much more than just a fashion accessory; they reflect your identity and your emotions.

Behind each silk scarf lies a story, a sensibility and a moment that is dear to you. Treat yourself or someone else to the radiance of a personalized sentiment, woven with love and delicacy by Sindu.

" Thank you for this wonderful project, I'm more than satisfied. Beautiful is an understatement. The first and certainly not the last. A rare talent and sense of Art. "


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